Adrasteia is the super continent where the player characters live and the setting for the Adventures in Adrasteia campaign.

Adrasteia, as it is known presently, has a recorded history dating back 14,000 years. All of your lives have taken place along the western portion of the continent, though very little of it is mapped. Many areas have been secured from the more monstrous beings, but even on main roads there are sometimes dangers lurking.

All along the western coast exists a vast and untamed ocean; what, if anything, lies beyond that endless sea remains a mystery to you. To the north stretches the Greenlore Woods, an immense forest where Elven and other mystical creatures tend to reside. Several mountain ranges begin populating the area east of the Greenlore Woods, a common location to find Dwarven and Gnomish folk. Few are aware of what lies north of the forest and the mountains. South of Greenlore is a great, hilly landscape, with scattered towns and other small wooded areas littered throughout.

On the far eastern edge of this landscape sits a huge capital city, called Lavonia. Lavonia stands as the largest city any of you have knowledge of, and even those of you that have visited or lived there prior could not hope to be familiar with its entirety.


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