The Road so Far

The journey began at The Littledrink Inn, just outside of Neverstorm. There, Rolen, Valnorae, Dalmyr, and Finri met with Gundren Rockseeker, who informed everyone that he has made a world-changing and highly valuable discovery, and that he has big plans for the gathered adventurers. Due to the potential presence of spies, Gundren unfortunately insisted that the party first travel to the small town of Phandalin to meet up with and deliver some supplies to Barthen, where all would be revealed. Gundren himself stated he would leave earlier with an escort to scout the road ahead, and that the others should leave at midnight.

The party departed that night and began the trip to Phandalin. After half a day’s travel, the group stumbled across what appeared to be two dead horses in the distance. Suspecting that there may be an ambush lying in wait, both Rolen and Finri scouted the area ahead, where they were attacked by a group of four goblins. After a brief skirmish, three of the goblins were defeated while the fourth retreated off into the woods. One of the captured goblins offered to assist the players with anything in exchange for his life. The players asked what he could help with, to which the goblin thought longingly before responding that he knows of several areas where the players could receive Goblin lovin’ if they so choose. At this, the players promptly killed the goblin, and Damlyr looted everything he could.

Upon investigating the fallen horses, however, the party quickly discovered an empty map case belonging to Gundren and a small pendant with the word “Sildar” written on the back, which Valnorae stored away. Realizing that the fleeing Goblin was probably heading towards a hideout, the party decided to first travel to Phandalin to deliver the supplies before returning to the area to investigate.

After arriving in Phandalin, the party encountered a human farmer who directed them in the direction of Barthen’s shop. As the group explored the area, they noticed a massive building in the center, the Townmaster’s Hall, and a few other assorted shops and houses, with farmland stretching beyond the outskirts of town. Soon they met with a highly paranoid Barthen and introduced themselves; however, as Gundren had not yet arrived himself and Barthen seemingly believed the subject matter of the meeting was far too important to share with strangers, he asked for them to first find him proof, such as Gundren himself or Gundren’s pendant and map. The party attempted to sway him to believe their story, but were simply not persuasive enough in their efforts.

The party then asked Barthen if he would buy some supplies, to which he directed them towards Linene’s shop, on the western side of town. Linene is an elderly woman, with wild and crazy eyes. She immediately took a liking towards Dalmyr and bought his looted goods at a premium, audibly hoping that Dalmyr would visit her shop again. She didn’t know much about goblins when asked, only that they had been stealing supplies and children. She added that one of her own shipments had been raided not long ago, and if the party could return them to her, she’d be most grateful. Linene also offered to upgrade the party’s weapons, though there would be time and an expenses required. Additionally, she mentioned that bandits occasionally attacked the town.

Next the party traveled to the premium fighter’s guild and weapon shop, encountering famed fighter Bocky Ralboa. Bocky informed the party that his son, Bocky Jr., had been kidnapped less than 24 hours ago by a large group of goblins, but that he intends to go find him himself. When prompted for more information, Bocky thinks he remembers hearing a sound similar to Bharg, Larg, or Chlarg being repeated, but he wasn’t sure. He also caught glimpses of what appeared to be a witch. Despite this, Bocky did not appear very worried about his son, as he stressed that his offspring is a fighter as well. He did offer to travel with the party for a fee if they desired his services.

The group then made their way to the inn. The innkeeper seemed particularly racist towards dwarfs, but still provided a room for everyone at a cost. Because it was still early in the day, the group decided to head to the Townmaster’s Hall, which doubles as a grand tavern and gambling den. Finri changed her clothes. Bimmy and Jimmy, the security team, temporarily removed the group’s weapons, though Finri managed to conceal a dagger for any potential emergency. While everyone relaxed and ordered drinks, Finri made her way to the back room to play poker with some potentially shady characters. Though no useful information was gathered from this venture, Finri did manage to use her rogueish skills to acquire quite a bit of gold in winnings.

Deciding it had become late enough, the group returned to the inn, passing a particularly creepy manor on the way for sale. Once there, rather than sleep like the others, Rolen decided to strike out and explore the town more fully. He noticed several other shops and landmarks before returning to the eerie mansion. The door was locked and he could not explore the building then, but he did catch glimpses of what appeared to be a figure peering at him through one of the second story windows. Rolen returned to the inn.

The next morning, the group spoke with Barthen again, who seemed particularly perturbed that Bocky had mentioned the witch. Suspicious, the group decided to warn Bocky only to discover from his wife, Badrian, that Bocky had already departed in search of his son.

As everyone left Bocky’s guild, they heard screams coming from the other townsfolk. Bandits were approaching! Led by a strikingly powerful looking human warrior, the small group of bandits dressed in red cloth and splattered with red paint strolled through the town demanding payment. The group did not discover precisely WHY the bandits had come to town, but amused by the powerful determination of the group, the leader offered to spare them and leave if one in the group could defeat her in combat. Valnorae easily managed to incapacitate the leader, who was promptly arrested by the Townmaster and security. Begrudingly, Townmaster Wester paid the group a sum for their efforts in addition to providing them the key to his now cursed estate (the creepy manor Rolen investigated earlier). The curse, apparently, gave Wester nearly constant and severe smelling gas for a full day the last time he entered it. Wester claims an angry witch did this to him.

The leader of the bandits was taken away to the Townmaster’s dungeon for holding, while the group returned to the site of the goblin attack. Once there, the adventurers followed the trail of the escaped goblin, finding a heavily used path. After following the path for a while, Dalmyr keenly spotted a tripwire, successfully steering the party away from a goblin trap. Unfortunately, a second goblin trap further along went unnoticed, and Dalmyr fell headfirst into a large hole. This obstacle proved little more than a distraction for the hardy dwarf, however. Annoyed but quickly regaining their composure, the group continued onward until they came upon a running stream leading into an open cave. Across the stream was a heavily wooded area with a unseen alcove on the other side, where lazy goblin guards lied in wait. The cave itself only had solid footing on the side of the stream the goblins were guarding.

The party briefly discussed how they should cross the stream, but ultimately decided to simply walk across. Unfortunately, the noise alerted the hidden goblins and another skirmish broke out! Becoming more and more adept at combat, the heroes were victorious. They left the goblin bodies outside and decided to explore the cave. The entrance was dark, and caution became a priority as everyone made their way inside. Additionally, the stream to their left, they noticed, began to pick up speed and strength the deeper they delved, creating a loud echoing noise.

After a short distance, Dalmyr, Finri, Val, and Rolen discovered a large opening on the right wall of the cave containing three large wolves chained to the floor. Though animal violence seemed initially appealing, on an insightful hunch the group decided to first try feeding the outwardly feral beasts. Success! This kind gesture calmed the creatures. Finri, Dalmyr, and Valnorae attempted to further defuse the wolves’ ferocity with varying degrees of success; however, Rolen, with his overwhelming love for animals, saw something more in the eyes of one particular canid. Possibly compelled by the prospect of lasting friendship or even a familial bond, Rolen put on a powerful display and managed to earn the loyalty and trust of one of the wolves, successfully taming her. He promptly named his new companion Not Rolen.

Once freed from their confines, the other two wolves happily left the cave, eager to enjoy life. Before leaving the wolf room, the adventurers turned their attention to the far wall of the cave, which, though nearly 30 feet steep, appeared to be quite climbable. Rolen stepped forward first, attempting to climb the miniature cliff-face himself. Unfortunately, his footing proved unsteady and he fell to the ground, unharmed. Determined to try again, Rolen did his best to grasp the ledges a second time before slipping and bashing his head on the hard cave floor. Dismayed, Rolen defaulted to Dalmyr, who seemed confident that this obstacle could be bested. Sadly, Dalmyr, too, promptly toppled backwards after climbing only a short distance.


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The Road so Far

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