Gundren's Letter (PROLOGUE)

Gundren’s Letter is an item delivered to players shortly before the campaign begins.

One afternoon, while going about your typical business, a courier approaches, hand-delivering a sealed, brown letter. You open it:

“Aha! It’s your old dwarf pal, Gundren Rockseeker! Hopefully you remember me, but if not, hey, I’m not that mad. Anyway, I’m writing to you because I found something exciting and need your help! I can’t write about it here, but, not exaggerating, it’s pretty damn big. I’ll shave my beard if you don’t agree.

Only thing is this discovery I made might also be a tiny bit dangerous. I think. I mean it’s possible. But a little thing like danger never stopped you before, did it? Ehh? Ha-ha! And, well, you and a handful of others (who I’ve also written to) are the only people I can reach out to that I believe have enough trustworthyfullness. I don’t think any of you have crossed paths before, but that’s even better! Who doesn’t like meeting new people?

If this interests you, meet me at The Littledrink Inn just outside of Neverstorm city. It’s resting along the southern portion of the west coast if you’ve never been. Shouldn’t be more than a couple weeks travel for you at most! I’ll pay you back for any travel expenses it costs getting here, so no worries. And if we’re successful, I promise to make it worth your while.

Hope to see you there!

Gundren's Letter (PROLOGUE)

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